Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Need YOU

I've gone so far alone
I don't have the first clue how to back track my way home
I miss You
In the deepest and emptiest recesses of my lonely soul
Please come get me
I have no clue how to come get You
The empty scripture quoting, the simple prayer remarks in my mind leave me with a lonely emptiness I can't articulate
I need You
You make me feel alive
Its You I am longing for
The futile attempts to fill this aching void is exhausting and overwhelming
The habits of menial substitutions have charred my heart
Tell me You love me again- still, now, and before-since time began
I need to re-experience the personal and utter totality of Calvary
Hell and back so I never have to
I need to refresh my mind in the clarity of You
King Jesus don't pass me by
I need You
Please carry me I'm so very tired
I need Your strength because mine is expired
Lead me to rest in Your heart-filled with love for me
My home built with Your Own hands
Help me to believe it
Guide me to receive it
And establish my soul in your atmosphere
Absent in fear- immersed in love- perfect in peace
Hold me there despite the storms of my earthly lot

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