Monday, January 9, 2012


In between dream and reality
So many obstacles
Ready to anticipate defeat
I am holding you as tight as I can
Dream you are fragile
I am terrified you will slip through my hand
Excuse me laziness, may you show me the quickest route to motivation
The surest detour from procrastination
I have been on this brink before
And I stand here again
But this time I am not alone
I have roamed and as I consequence of coming home
I now have Your clarity
Your promise of my destiny
I see the horizon of the perpetual day...a dream realized
As I stand on Your faith I can see beyond the cloud of my fear-filled doubt
Yes with the pride kicked from beneath me I can stand in humble awe of You
Dream deferred you are now becoming my reality
Dream Realtor I have a confession
In You I have financed all my heart's desire
I am glad you have determined this lot, this life, this dream... as Yours and mine

Ps 37

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