Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It started with more of a na-na until she could form a good mmmmmmhmm.. She finally did it. And I am going to attempt to tell the world how it melted my heart.

Feels a little like this:

The most beautiful fireworks you have ever seen. But some kind of a way you can feel them. Beautiful exploding balls of light. Your favorite food just the way you like it. A genuine smile from someone you love more than anything in the whole world. A heartfelt thank you for each and every good thing you ever did (even the things you don't remember doing). Sweet surrender. A warm embrace of innocence. A heart smile. A love so powerful words can't hold it, describe it, or convey it. Joyous peace. Innocent understanding. Humble exhilaration. Roses that you can smell with your soul. A brilliant rainbow. A hug warm, pure, and so tight that it squeezes away all the hurt from a long hard day. A smile so sincere that you start to cry. Purity so rare you stare because you know you won't see it again, not like this, not on this side of the sun. The warmth of sunshine. An angelic symphony-clear, indescribably beautiful, and pure. Love's first verbal affirmation materialized.

Fireworks. Smile. With a Pure Heart. To the beat of Sunshine. With the voice of Angels. Love is heard.

My heart will freeze this moment for eternity..the first time you called me Ma-Ma.

Love now-always-forever,