Monday, December 22, 2008

Way to Save

My bank has this new amazing savings program. This is how it works:
EVERYTIME ---you swipe your debit card
pay an online bill
take out money from the ATM
transfer money between your accounts
money leaves your bank account

$1.00 is automatically transferred to your way to save account

Now this seems simple and it may even seem like it would not save that much money. But it actually saves ALOT of money with no real conscious effort on your part. I love the concept. So as of now I have already saved over $50 without even thinking about it. This is a great addition to my deliberate savings account that I am building. Everyone should have this. You basically pay yourself a $1.00 every time you spend money. It adds up very quickly.
Oh and another important side bar: The interest is 5%!!! This is really gggreat :)

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