Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Hug from YOU

You hugged me today.
I knew you loved me but when you hugged me it squeezed away all doubt
The embrace that shut out loneliness, fear, and emptiness.
Filled with the tiny stoke of your hand on my shoulder, as you lay your little head down
I realized that I love you
But more than I can say
More than words could ever convey
I'm so glad He has a place for us
A place where we belong
In the forever of His love song
Never ending, loneliness forever gone
Together in His eternity
And today when you hugged me I knew it was true
Not only a promise destined for reality
But a truth in sincerity
In an atmosphere of smiles
You hugged me
Through her, and from You
She can't articulate the words that encircle her heart
So from her and I both
Thank You
We love You
Both now and forever

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