Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday's Miracle

I have decided to try something out that is a bit different. I want to search the news and find an AWESOME and OBVIOUS miracle. So many times we forget how intricately involved GOD really is in our everyday lives. His miracles are often as straightforward as waking us up every morning. However, when you view his miracles from a standpoint of expectancy you can’t fully appreciate them. Every day he allows us to witness his miraculous POWER in a unique and amazing way. Sometimes I believe he shows off to remind us that he is ALIVE and is very much in control of this world. Amidst the chaos he is still concerned with you and me. We sin every day. The wages of sin is death. Praise GOD that he is MERCY!! We don’t receive what we have earned. PRAISE GOD!!!

I am thankful that he is soo AWESOME, MERCIFUL, and GREAT!!! I am thankful that even amidst all the suffering he is still merciful enough to allow us a glimpse of his loving direct kindness. Every Wednesday I will post a story that I pray will help remind us of that.

Sole-survivor crashes
January 26, 1972, Czechoslovakia: JAT DC-9; 27 killed; crew member fell to ground inside tail section
January 29, 1985; Reno, Nevada: Galaxy Airlines Lockheed Electra; 70 killed; boy, 17, thrown from wreckage
January 3, 1987, Ivory Coast: Varig 707-300; 50 killed; one passenger survived
August 16, 1987, Detroit, Michigan: Northwest MD-82; 154 killed; 4-year-old girl found in wreckage
November 14, 1992, Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines Yak 40; 30 killed; surviving passenger found eight days later
November 20, 1993, Macedonia: Avioimpex Yak 42D; 223 killed; one passenger survived
March 1995, Colombia: Intercontinental Colombia DC-9-10; 51 killed; 9-year-old girl survived
September 1997, Cambodia: Vietnam Airlines Tu-134B; 65 killed; 1-year-old boy survived
December 16, 1997, United Arab Emirates: Tajikistan Airlines Tupolev 154B; 85 killed; crew member survived
March 6, 2003, Algeria: Air Algerie 737-200; 102 killed; crew member survived
July 8, 2003, Sudan: Sudan Airways 737-200C; 116 killed; 3-year-old boy survived
August 27, 2006, Lexington, Kentucky: Comair CRJ-100; 49 killed; co-pilot survived
June 1, 2009, Air France Flight 447 ;228; 13 year old girl survived

The next post is the back story about the survivor of Flight 447.....

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