Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Have You Ever Actually SEEN Jesus?

A Little and A Big Miracle

"Do you know anyone who has seen Jesus since he ascended into heaven?" I asked my Junior Church class on Sunday. A quiet, "I did," from one of the boys definitely surprised me. "Have you really?" was my incredulous response. "Well, I haven't actually seen Him, but He did a miracle for me, so I know He is real," he replied. "Tell us about your miracle," I urged him. "A boy at my school was bullying me, and he kept on doing it and doing it. And then he just stopped." "And were you praying about it?" I asked. He nodded and a shy smile lit his face. "He's like the wind," another joined in. "You see what He does, but you can't actually see Him." Wow! They really get it! Yes, we do see Jesus by what He does in our lives. But I really meant seeing Him in person, just as He appeared to Saul and Stephen in the Book of Acts. The excitement of the early church is still very much alive on this Earth. The stories of what God is doing today can make the hair stand up on your neck! In countries where it is dangerous or illegal to be a Christian or own a Bible, Christ occasionally reveals Himself in person!!!!!

In November, 2003, The Voice of the Martyrs, which supports persecuted Christians, reported this incident.

In February, 2003, an Iraqi evangelist,'Matthias,' was arrested at a house church worship service by Saddam's secret police. He was taken to a notorious jail, tortured and threatened. One of his torturers told him, "No inmate entering here has ever left alive." Matthias was placed in a tiny cell with five Muslims. He prayed that God would use him to free his cell mates from their spiritual prison by introducing them to Christ. A sheik named Sayed was particularly offended by Matthias' Christian witness and told him he must pray to Allah or Mohammed. "Why should I pray to a dead prophet? I prefer to pray to the one, true living God. Jesus is alive, while all the prophets are dead in the ground,"Matthias told Sayed. One morning Matthias was awakened by Sayed kissing him. During the night, Sayed explained, Jesus had appeared to him and told him that Matthias would be released from prison. "He was dressed in white, and I could not see his face, because it shone brighter than the sun and blinded me." Sayed asked the man who He was, and He responded saying, "Jesus Christ." The Muslim cell mates all fell to their knees, asking Jesus to release them as well. Matthias was released one week later.

PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!


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