Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Corn, Corn, Its Bad for the Heart the more you Eat… The more you fart??

First of all I would like to say.... I need a Big Mac no meat, xtra lettuce, xtra sauce lol!!! (inside joke with Keri and Chrissy haha)

Well, Well, Well, It looks as though I have come across some hard core scientific evidence against Mickey Dees…. The $100 billion fast food industry rest on a firm foundation of CORN! They have done some chemical analysis on several restaurants across the USA and found that nearly EVERY cow or chicken used in the fast food industry has been raised on an absolute diet of corn!!

Corn is a central part of American agriculture. It received more government subsidies (paying the farmers money regardless of crop output) than any other crop. Between 1995 and 2006 corn farms collectively received a grand total of $56 billion in federal subsidies. Estimates are predicting that this figure may soon reach $10 billion annually.

Environmentalists have branded corn as an icon of unsustainable agriculture. It requires a large amount of fertilizer and pesticide which in turn requires a large amount of Fossil Fuel to manufacture. Most of the resulting corn is then fed to livestock, whose natural diet would NOT consist of so much corn.

In cattle, Eating this much corn increases flatulence (farts) and emissions of methane (a potent greenhouse gas) which creates an intestinal environment rich in E. coli (a life-threatening bacteria, and common cause of food poisoning). This in turn requires mixing cow feed with ANTIBIOTICS… which of course translates into the production of antibiotic-resistant disease strains!!

Most of those livestock find their final resting place in high calorie, low nutrient fast food burgers, chicken fingers, etc. This is of course linked to obesity, diabetes and heart disease!

Their #1 claim to fame is how “affordable” fast food is….
“We’re seeing that corn is the number-one reason that fast food is so cheap and available," said Meredith Niles, a food policy analyst at the Center for Food Safety
Ughh But really you are paying with your health/life!!!

Basically the US is subsidizing obesity in America!

The really sad stats are as follows:
“Jahren’s team analyzed hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and french fries from multiple McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s restaurants in six U.S. cities.In both types of meat at every location, a telltale configuration of nitrogen and carbon traces showed that the animals had eaten corn-heavy diets; in the case of beef, 150 out of 162 samples came from animals that ate nothing but corn. Fries were prepared in corn-based oil.”
Uhmm yea this is really sad…Corn is not the answer… Sometimes eating healthy can actually be less expensive than eating junk. Really you don’t eat as much you feel fuller quicker.

So just say no to that Big Mac every week—it’s hard I know… I think they also put some type of addictive property in that thing. I love them and I can’t even eat the beef( It makes me Deathly SICK—maybe all that E.coli ewghh)!!! Its in that dag gone secret sauce lol!!

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