Thursday, May 3, 2012


The window to my soul is blurry
As I lift the shades for only you
I realize
Its scarred, disorganized, and even I don't understand it
But here....I deeply love you
Here.. you occupy my safe zone
When I think of you
No matter where we are
I am never alone
God dissolve my barriers
I need to love past my fear, insecurity, and emotion
I'm accustomed to my peacock display of strength
Inept in the totality of love's purest surrender
In your absence my soul cries
Today wasn't busy enough for me to endure the agony
I. miss. you.
A tinted bubble for our hearts to mingle
To giggle and revel in soul mate's harmony
Thankful He declared you to be mine
Ordained me to be forever yours
Our eternal getaway is His current construction project
My soul loves Jesus
And through that He gave me you

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