Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pretty Bird

Sooo This morning I am sad... I miss Emmie (the pretty bird above). I haven't told you guys about her. But she was my Quaker parrot for about 2 months.

I took her to get her wings clipped by the breeder that I purchased her from and the breeder dislocated her wing. I was very upset. But I ended up giving her back to the breeder. However I miss her now......

In the process of missing her. I of course attempted to replace her with this adorable little Parrolett, named Chloe.
BIG MISTAKE. When I took her home, she literally hated me. She wouldn't let me touch her without a good bite in the process. So I ended up returning her as well. Now I just really wish I had a pet. I really want a dog but my husband thinks we should wait until we are more stable… I agree I guess. But I still want a sweet little puppy. Yea I am so over the whole bird thing. And for reasons aforementioned I can’t really handle a cat.

I miss Emmie- short for Emerald :)

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